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How to Print an Email from Outlook Desktop App

Step 1: Open Outlook app on your system by pressing the Windows key and typing outlook.

Step 2: Seelct the Outlook app from the search results as shown below.

Outlook Desktop App

Step 3: Once your outlook is opened with your credentials, open the email which you want to print, by double-clicking on it.

Open Email Desktop Outlook 11zon

Step 4: After the email is opened in a new window, Go to File option at the top left corner of the window as shown in the below image.

Go To File Of Email Outlook App 11zon

Step 5: In the File menu, Select Print on the left side panel as shown below.

Step 6: Then, on the right side, Select the appropriate Printer from the dropdown list.

Step 7: If you want to change the print options other than defaults ones set earlier, Click Print Options button just below the printer name as shown.

Print Options Outlook App 11zon


Step 8: In the Print window, change the Printer if you want from the list.

Step 9: Also, Enter the number of copies under Copies section as shown below.

Step 10: Then, Select Page range as All OR Specify the page numbers only that you want to print just below All.

Step 11: Finally, Click Print button to print the email.

Print Options Window 11zon

Step 12: Suppose if you want to print the email very quickly, then just Right-Click on the email and select Quick print from the context menu as shown below.

NOTE: This will direct send the printing command to the printer that is used often to print. But please make sure the printer is connected to your system.

Quick Print 11zon

Step 13: After the printing is done, you can close the Outlook app if you want.